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Scorpion stings

Scorpions are related to spiders, mites and ticks. Scorpions are eight-legged invertebrates with an extended body and a segmented tail that ends with a stinger. They can easily adapt to a variety of environments such as mountains with pine forest and damp caves. Scorpions are nocturnal creatures where they hide during the day under the […]

Management of multiple system atrophy

Multiple system atrophy or MSA is a rare neurological disorder that weakens the involuntary or autonomic functions of the body including blood pressure, heart rate, functions of the bladder and digestive tract. The condition is formerly Shy-Drager syndrome and has the similarity to the Parkinson’s disease symptoms like slowness of movement, rigidity of the muscles […]

lead poisoning-headache

Lead poisoning

Lead poisoning is considered life-threatening and oftentimes fatal. This type of poisoning occurs when lead accumulates in the body. Always remember that lead is a very toxic metal and strong poison. It is usually present in lead-based paints, but also present in contaminated dust, art supplies and gasoline products. Lead poisoning typically occurs over a […]

Multiple system atrophy

First aid for choking

Choking inevitably occurs once a foreign object becomes wedged in the throat, obstructing the air flow. In most cases, adults end up choking due to a piece of food while young children often swallow small objects. Since choking disrupts the flow of oxygen to the brain, it is important to administer first aid as quickly […]



Even though your ligaments are strong, flexible and unite bone to bone as well as holding the joints in its right position, they can also end up injured. A sprain is a common injury to your ligaments which is caused by the ripping of the fibers. Ligaments can incur a partial tear or completely torn. […]