Emergency First Aid Courses in Calgary

Calgary First Aid is the leader in St Mark James emergency first aid training in the Calgary area.  In partnership with St Mark James Training, Calgary First Aid has remained the most popular provider for the last few years. Trainees flock to full Emergency First Aid Courses in Calgary, private classes, and refresher programs offered throughout the week.

Quick and easy enrolment

Calgary First Aid has excellent customer reviews with amazing customer satisfaction ratings. To register for emergency first aid training in Calgary visit the site by clicking here.

A complete list of classes and schedules can be found on the Calgary First Aid website.

Trainees can also compelte their enrolment via e-mail, telephone call, or walk-ins during business hours in any of the training centers in Calgary. You can contact Calgary First Aid with the following information:

  • Main Office Phone Number: 587.774.5317.
  • Main Training Facility Address: Suite 102, 750 – 11th Street SW, Calgary, AB T2P 3N7
  • Website Address: www.firstaidcalgary.ca
  • Email Address: info@firstaidcalgary.ca

The main first aid and CPR training facility of this provider is conveniently located in a newly renovated, high-end building in southwest Calgary. Free parking is available within walking distance. Amazing access to public transit is available with a brand new C-Train station located directly across the street. For more information or details about the area, check out the map posted below.

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Course Prices

The following is a list of the emergency first aid course prices offered by Calgary First Aid. Course rates are inclusive of taxes, certificates, St Mark James registration fees, and training manuals.

Unrolled Tensor Bandage for First Aid with Emergency First Aid Courses in Calgary
A necessary component of St Mark James emergency first aid is treating for injuries through the use of first aid kit components such as tensor bandages.
  • St Mark James Emergency First Aid and CPR level “A” – 89.99
  • St Mark James Emergency First Aid and CPR level “C” – 89.99
  • St Mark James Emergency First Aid and CPR level “A” or “C” Re-Certification (must meet prerequisite requirements prior to registering) – 74.99

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    Offered Classes

    There are three categories for full first aid and CPR training. A and C are for first time trainees and HCP is for health care providers. A, C, and HCP include CPR and AED training for adults while C and HCP included CPR and AED training for pediatric victims.

    Trainees can opt to enrol in stand-alone classes if they do not want to undergo the full training course. Private classes are usually taken by big groups or companies.

    Certification for Emergency First Aid Courses in Calgary

    Trainees who are able to complete a course are awarded a St Mark James training certificate, valid for three years throughout Canada. Refresher programs for renewal of expired certificates are held twice a week at Calgary First Aid.

    Get a head start on your training.

    Did You Know?

    When attending a emergency first aid course, you will learn to recognize and manage a variety of different wounds such as bruises, cuts, scrapes, and puncture wounds. You will also learn additional information such as if the the wound requires stitches. Stitches help speed up healing, reduce the chances of infection, and leave a less noticeable scar.

    The skills learned in first aid and CPR training with Calgary First Aid will help you build confidence, boost your resume, and teach you the skills to save a life. Visit the Calgary First Aid website to register for a course today and to have the skills to save a friend, family member or stranger. Start learning about emergency first aid by watching this educational video on the latest St Mark James cardiopulmonary resuscitation techniques.