When to call for Emergency Help

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Patient in need of medical emergency help
Patient in need of medical emergency help

An emergency refers to any scenario or situation that requires immediate assistance from the relevant authorities. Canada is one of the countries that has a well developed emergency handling system. This means that you can get emergency help any time you require. Regardless of the kind of medical emergency, calling 911 should be your first step. This is the calling number that any kind of emergency is handled. After you call this number, you can then contact other services such as the Canadian Red cross, St, John Ambulance and others that are efficient in handling emergency situations.

When is the right time to call for emergency help?

You should call for help immediately there is a situation that required to be handled instantly. In case of an accident, emergency services will be required so that the victims can be given the required first aid and treatment before being taken to the hospital. Most of the services that offer emergency help in Canada have ambulances meaning that they have ability to arrive at the scene within a short time. One of the greatest mistakes that many people do is to start offering first aid to injuries or any other health problems before calling for help. Always start by calling for help and then start providing the relevant first aid services. Some of the situations that require to be handled instantly include.

  • Car accidents especially if there are people who are injured.
  • Medical emergencies such as when someone gets unconscious, stop breathing, severe allergic reactions, acute chest pains, uncontrollable bleeding and other symptoms that are fatal.

What to do when you make an emergency call

When you contact any emergency services, you need to be ready to answer every question accurately. You must provide the following information for the situation to be handled effectively.

  • The location where the problem has occurred including the street number or address.
  • What kind of emergency help you require.
  • Other details about the situation such as description of the injuries, detailed information on the situation or kind of health problem, symptoms experienced and other information that you may be asked. Giving the correct information is crucial in order to help the emergency service providers make informed decision.

You should be ready to follow any of the instructions provided above to get medical emergency help when the need arises. In most cases, you will be instructed on how you can give first aid before the emergency help arrives, for instance, how to assist someone who is choking or how to do CPR.

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