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Tension headache

A tension headache is a diffuse, mild to moderate pain that can be felt in the head that can be described as a tight band around the head. Tension headaches are the most common type of headache and pain can also be felt in the scalp and neck. In most cases, this can be a […]

Scorpion stings

Scorpions are related to spiders, mites and ticks. Scorpions are eight-legged invertebrates with an extended body and a segmented tail that ends with a stinger. They can easily adapt to a variety of environments such as mountains with pine forest and damp caves. Scorpions are nocturnal creatures where they hide during the day under the […]

How to treat glandular fever

Glandular fever is a contagious illness which is frequent in teens and young adults. Generally, the virus is spread through saliva and from individual to individual through: Kissing Sneezing and coughing, which transmit the virus in airborne droplets Drinking and eating utensils like glasses, cups and eating utensils. Symptoms of glandular fever Many individuals are […]

Treating chronic fatigue syndrome

Chronic fatigue syndrome is a disorder that leads to signs of insistent exhaustion that does not get better even when sleeping. Chronic fatigue syndrome is still not diagnosed as effectively as it should. It’s a condition that can really influence your normal everyday living and even cause disability, though many individuals recuperate over time, particularly […]

How to manage back pain

Overview Back pain is a common issue that affects a lot of individuals. It generally feels like a pain, strain or stiffness in your back. The pain can be activated by improper posture while standing or sitting, bending clumsily, or lifting inaccurately. Back pain is not usually caused by a severe condition and it usually gets better within 3 months depending on the severity. […]

Treating chest pain

Whether you have a bit of knowledge with first aid or nothing at all, dealing with chest pain is tricky. Heart conditions with severe pain should result in a phone call to the emergency services. Dealing with chest pain correctly can assist you by saving someone’s life. What are the causes of chest pain? Some […]

Preventing asthma

How you can help Help The Casualty to Rest Assist the casualty into a position where they feel comfortable. Usually, this means sitting straight, slanting forward with arms resting on a table. Help With Treatment Help the casualty take any ‘reliever’ medicine they have. Generally, if an asthma pump is available, the casualty should use […]

How to prevent a stroke

A stroke can be an overwhelming occurrence with severe long-standing consequences. Generally, development in stroke treatment has made the long term result for stroke casualty’s better. Though, there is often a small window of time for successful treatment. One vital approach to stroke care comprises of prevention, particularly for individuals who are at risk. Not all […]


Treating conjunctivitis

Overview Pink eye is an additional name for conjunctivitis. Generally, it is caused by swelling of the external layer of the eye and on the interior of the eyelid that causes the eye to turn pink in color. In addition, it can be extremely infectious, and it is vital to detect the precise cause to […]