When Do You Need To Seek Emergency Medical Help?

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Have you ever faced a medical situation that you do not know whether it requires medical help or not? This is likely to happen because there are some conditions that may be confusing especially for those who have not attended basic first aid classes. If you detect one of the following symptoms from a victim or any situations, know that they require emergency medical help.

  • Breathing difficulties or shortness of breath
  • Changes in vision
  • Confusion of change of the mental status of the victim
  • Feeling of suicide
  • Vomiting or coughing blood
  • Severe abdominal pain
  • Uncontrolled breathing
  • Weakness, sudden dizziness or fainting
  • Speaking difficulties
  • Upper abdominal or chest pressure or pain or
  • Any other sudden pain in the body.

Emergency Help for Children

Children have different health problems and may have other symptoms that require emergency medical help. Serious symptoms in children may not be serious to adults. It is also good to note that they may not be able to communicate their conditions meaning that you have the responsibility to interpret their behaviors. If you detect your child is having acute pain, emergency medical help is necessary. It is important to visit the emergency department in your nearby hospital to have the child checked. You can also call 911 or any emergency service provider if the situation seem to be life threatening.


Tips to Keep in Mind While in the Emergency Department

It is good to note that emergency medical help is provided depending on the severity of injuries or illnesses. In order to get the best services while in the emergency department, the following tips are necessary.

  • Take any medicines that the victim or you may be taking at the moment. It is good to tell the doctor how often you take the medications and the duration you have taken them. It is also good to inform the doctor of all the allergies you suffer from. This will help the doctor provide the most effective treatment and medicines for the medical emergency.
  • It may be hard to remain calm, but you have to remain composed especially if you have bad injuries. This will help you be able to communicate effectively with the nurses and doctors offering assistance to you.
  • Communication is key because you need to provide the doctor giving emergency help with accurate information about the condition for you to be served and treated correctly.

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