How to Survive a Shoulder Fracture

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Accidents can occur at any time. You can easily suffer from a shoulder fracture by falling off your bike when riding. Shoulder bones usually take several weeks to heal after treatment. There are several tips that will come in handy when you want to survive such an incident:

Change Sleep Styles

One of the most demanding things that you’ll be required to do is to sleep while sitting. This is a big sacrifice required for quicker recovery. A recliner seat will provide needed help in enabling you to sleep in the appropriate position. Make the seat comfortable by spreading several layers of sheet first. Pillows should be used for the shoulder fracture to be managed effectively.

Take Medicine as Prescribed:

Many people worsen their predicament by ignoring doctor’s instructions. Always take prescription as instructed, do not alter it in any way. Be prepared to deal with a few unpleasant side effects but keep in mind that the positive results are definitely worthwhile.

Drink Plenty of Water

The human body comprises of two-thirds fluids which is why water is very important. After a shoulder fracture, the body needs more water than usual. Fluids help by taking nutrients to depleted areas and removing dead cells for a speedy healing process. Painkillers also dehydrate the body. Eat veggies, fresh fruits and fibers in plenty as well.

Ask for Help

Acting like a hero will hot help in anyway. For severe cases, it’s advisable to seek the services of a friend, family member or even a caregiver. Normal tasks such as washing your face, brushing teeth and dressing will be tougher with a broken arm. Get rid of pride and ask for help.

Get One-handed Devices

After a shoulder fracture, you’ll realize that one-handed devices will make work much easier. This is particularly true if you live alone or can’t secure the services of caregivers. Being able to perform tasks with a single hand will restore independence. There are numerous such products readily available and you can even make purchases online.

Manage Itchiness

An itch can be the cause of untold suffering. However, you’ll be required to embrace the sensation so that the injury can heal. Avoid scratching the wound as this can easily worsen the situation. There are several techniques that will help like drinking herbal tea or applying a moisturizer to the affected arm. Brace yourself because itchiness occurs frequently at night.


Although doctor’s orders will generally demand that you take sufficient rest, exercise is still vital. Try cardiovascular exercises like cycling and running. The arm affected by the shoulder fracture must be kept fit so that strength can be restored. Taking things slow will facilitate recovery.

Eat Healthy

Adopt a healthier eating habit because the damaged cells will require all the available help to recuperate. Avoid sugary foods, alcohol and smoking. Instead, opt for nutrients that build the bone and proteins in plenty. Other vital nutrients include Magnesium and Calcium. Consult a nutritionist before taking supplements.


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