How To Detect And Manage Eczema

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Eczema is a very painful skin disease. In order to enjoy a stress-free life, you’ll need to put more effort in treating the disease. It’s moderately challenging to manage eczema. Here are important tips that will assist you in the process:

Identify Your Triggers

There are numerous things that trigger this condition so ensure that you learn what applies for your case. In most cases, fragrances aggravate eczema. This means that people suffering from the illness should steer clear from scented soaps, lotions and strong perfumes. Other common triggers include: Certain foods, gasoline, dust mites, household cleansers and even grass.

Moisturize Your Skin

To effectively manage eczema, you’ll be required to use a moisturizer. However, ensure that you select the correct one for your skin type. The best to purchase should not contain chemicals, additives or preservatives that can cause skin inflammation. It’s advisable to use a thicker moisturizer for maximum protection.

Manage Temperature

Eczema bursts when the temperatures change extremely. Ensure that the temperature in your house is managed effectively. During hot weathers, cool down the air conditioning system and vice versa. This will prevent the likely occurrence of irritation to the skin.

Do Not Scratch

Despite the fact that eczema is a very itchy condition, ignore this sensation as much as possible. When you scratch the patches, inflammation and infection occurs. To properly manage eczema, use medications and hot/cold compresses for the itches. Another method of experiencing relief is by taking a bath and applying a moisturizer.

Minimize Sweating

Although this does not apply to all patients of eczema, the technique is without a doubt effective for many. When the body is overheated, the heat will cause the eczema to burn severely. Always shower immediately you finished a workout session at the gym.

Keep Comfortable

The best clothes to wear when suffering from eczema are those made from cotton. This is a cool and comfortable material. On the other hand, avoid clothes that are made from materials such as polyester and wool. These materials irritate the skin thus worsening the eczema. Also, wash clothes using mild detergent.

Avoid Stress

Stress levels go together with eczema so keep them as low as you can. Anger and frustration should also be avoided. To manage eczema, learn how to reduce stress through methods like meditation, exercising, yoga and deep breathing.

Learn Skin Care

Most people are unaware of the fact that hot showers aggravate eczema. Develop a habit of taking a bath with cold/ cool water. Hot water can still be used but only in rare occasions. Furthermore, don’t scrub the skin but rather use gentle massaging strokes.

Protect Hands

Since the hands normally touch numerous items that can trigger the condition, protect them at all times. It’s best to wear gloves when performing household tasks. This way, you’ll be able to manage eczema effectively.

10. Use Medication

Over-the-counter medication for eczema is readily available. There are creams, oral pills and prescription medication suitable for this condition. Before using any medication, however, seek medical consultation form your doctor.

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