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Giving water for dehydration

Medication for Dehydration

It is commonly unknown to many that hangover headaches are a direct result of dehydration in the body after a night of alcohol consumption. When alcohol is consumed, it goes into the bloodstream and results to blocking the creation of vasopressin, the antidiuretic hormone. Without this hormone, water is sent directly to the bladder instead […]


Hernia Causes, Symptoms, and Management

What is hernia? Hernia means “the abnormal protrusion of an organ or its fascia through an opening or cavity in which it’s normally contained”.  Hernia is of several types with specific treatments required for each. Types of hernia: Hernia maybe of following types: –          Inguinal hernia (direct or indirect): in which, the intestines (commonly) or […]

Asthma Attack in Children

Asthma Attack in Children

Asthma attacks are common in children. Millions of children have asthma all over the world. Asthma is more common in young boys than young girls. However, after puberty, asthma will become more common in girls. Asthma is a respiratory condition which affects the airways, specifically the bronchi. Children with asthma have more sensitive than normal […]


Understanding Hypokalemia

Hypokalemia, also called low potassium, refers to the lower than normal level of potassium in the blood. Normally, the blood potassium level in the body is 3.6 to 5.2 millimoles per liter (mmol/ L) and anything below 3.6 mmol/ L is considered hypokalemia. When the blood potassium level is less than 2.5 mmol/ L, this […]

Substance Abuse

Medical Emergencies: Substance Abuse

Substance abuse is the undue misuse of specific substances with the intention to alter the behavior or mood of an individual. Drug and alcohol abuse account as the two most common examples of substances abused worldwide. Drug abuse is the use of drugs for other means and purposes other than legitimate medical purposes. People who […]

Free first aid training

Free first aid training

Free first aid training is a privilege for everyone This is a free first aid training for any individual who wants  to know how to treat bleeding, shock, and other problems as needed. When you witness this problem from a victim who has a pulse when  breathing, then next you should control any bleeding. Mostly […]


First Aid for Wounds

Quick thinking, confidence in your abilities and first aid know-how can make a big difference in emergency situations, especially if those situations involve someone important to you. Every second counts during emergencies as things can become serious fast. For example, wounds can result in heavy blood loss that might become fatal so it’s important to […]


Easy as A,B,C Emergency First Aid

First aid can be considered scary due to the level of responsibility and the amount of information you need to know. However, it is often common sense and as long as you know your alphabet, in emergencies you will be able to follow the basic principles in order to preserve life, prevent deterioration and promote […]

Infant Jaundice

Infant jaundice refers to a condition in which a newborn baby’s skin and eyes appear to be yellow. This condition takes place due to a yellow-colored pigment called bilirubin, being in excess in the red blood cells. Infant jaundice occurs commonly in babies who are born 38 weeks before gestation and also in breast-fed infants. […]

counter attacking heart attact

How to Counterattack a Heart Attack

According to the World Health Organization (2008), in the year 2008, 17.3 million people died of cardiovascular diseases, predominantly of heart attacks and strokes. The highest number of deaths was recorded in Western Pacific followed by Europe with 4, 735, 000 and 4, 584, 000 respectively, while East Mediterranean had the lowest mortalities with 1, […]